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Stephanie Jones

Mental Health Facilitator, Speaker & Author

Master of Social Work 

Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor

Trained in Applied Suicide Intervention

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

There is a very large gap between an individual knowing that they need help and them getting the help that they need. My workshops fill that gap.

I lived with depression and anxiety, for over 20 years.

Sounds like a lifetime, right? It sure felt like it! My journey was long, colourful and tumultuous but I learned so much along the way. Lived experience teaches you skills and gives you knowledge and wisdom that you can’t find in a book or classroom. By combining my lived, clinical and work experience with my education, my workshops focus on the crucial parts of dealing with your mental health that nobody tells you about. I cover topics such as the importance of building a mental health support team, how to find a therapist that’s a great fit for you, how to deal with stigma and how to handle your mental health when it comes to ambition. Things you can only learn by doing and failing and getting back up again.

It’s been a difficult few years for everyone and traumatic for many of us. Let’s get started on healing and planning how we’ll get through this together.

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Bite-sized Mental Health Nuggets

We can't forget the illness part of mental illness
One of the hardest parts of the stigma around #mentalillness is the idea that it’s always in your control. There’s a said and unsaid notion that you’re to blame and you’re just not trying hard enough. Why are you so unhappy? Why are you so anxious? You must be doing something wrong...
I’m going to be honest here. I’m starting to hate the word self-care. It’s becoming pop culture, fodder for magazines and memes, it’s essentially becoming commoditized. Bubble baths, candles, exercise, chocolate, wine, meditation are all great things but...

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